A new house move is a highly thrilling experience.


Calgary, our wonderful city, is in urgent need of rekeying services. especially as moving day draws near. A new house move is a highly thrilling experience. However, as is the case with many of the decisions we make in life, certain safety measures must be taken.


Rekeying is the process of rearranging a lock's internal mechanisms so that a different key can be used.

The old key will no longer work as a consequence of a change in the internal lock pin and spring combination to a new combination order, and the locksmith can make you a new set of keys.


It is the best approach to stop uninvited visitors from entering your property. When you move into a new home or rent a new condo, you probably want to replace the locks to prevent the previous key holders from gaining unauthorised access. Rekeying the locks is the ideal option!

Additionally, Lock Rekey is the less expensive choice if you lose your keys.

The locksmith can re-key the lock, adjust the lock cylinder pin and spring combination, deconstruct the old key that was lost, and provide you a new functional key to lock and unlock your door instead of changing the locks and receiving a new set of keys.

The specialists at Real Locksmith can complete this procedure on any lock since we have the newest tools and have received in-depth training to install, unlock, and maintain any lock on the market.

When you are prepared to rekey your locks, contact your go-to Real Locksmith.

  • You recently relocated to a new home or flat.
  • Relocated your company’s location
  • shifted cleaning providers
  • fired a worker
  • Having issues with tenants who are uncooperative?