RealLocksmith offers a variety of Lockers and Cash Safes.


Wall Safes

Drilled in the wall, these lockers gates are installed over a wall. Useful for restricted items as the space is narrow enough and deep.

Floor Safes

These are embedded in the floor. The best time to install them is during construction. Keep your essentials Safe with these underground lockers.

Deposit Safes

These mini locker boxes use the two-layer protection mechanism to secure your digital computer data, negative films, and others.

Home Safes

Use Strong Lockers to keep your valuable papers and items safe with passwords and fingerprints. 

Data Safes

The heat, water, moisture, damage-resistant lockers. Keep your papers & important data secure & safe.

Cash Safes

Strong, Sturdy, and Lost lasting are the safest and most durable options for storing excess cash at home.